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Harcourts WA Quarterly Award June 2015

Harcourts Applecross Office Award:
•No 1 Top Office Gross Revenue per Sales Consultant
•Gold Sales April-June 2015
•No 3 Top Office Gross Revenue June 2015
•Bronze April-June 2015 Property Management

Individual Awards - Eric Hartanto:
•Titanium Sales April-June 2015
•No 1 Top Sales Total Gross June 2015
•No 1 Top Sales Settles Sales June 2015
•No 1 Sales Consultant WA April-June 2015

Chinese buyer interest in Perth residential properties rose significantly in 2013

Search activity for homes in Perth on the website, which caters to Mandarin speakers globally, rose 839 per cent over 2013 - the second biggest growth of interest in an Australian market last year.

Interest in Mandurah properties had the fourth biggest growth rate, with page views and search enquires increasing 634 per cent over the period.

Juwai.com co-chief executive Andrew Taylor said although Perth was the sixth most sought-after Australian region last year, it had begun to catch up with other destinations in terms of the level of interest it received from Chinese buyers.

"Chinese interest in Perth real estate is up in part because there are more Chinese who can afford to invest overseas," Mr Taylor said.

"The number of rich Chinese more than doubled between 2008 and 2012 - to end up at about 700,000.

"Perth's biggest problem is a relative lack of awareness among Chinese buyers, compared to Sydney, Queensland and Melbourne.

"Chinese buyers need to be educated about Perth and the wonderful lifestyle and economic opportunities it offers.

"That is the job of local and regional government and also of real estate agents."

Perth real estate agent Eric Hartanto, a director at Harcourts Applecross who recently attended a Luxury Property Showcase in Shanghai, said there were more and more wealthy Chinese looking to move overseas.

"They're looking at Europe, the US and New Zealand but Australia is definitely in there," Mr Hartanto said.

"They are attracted to the lifestyle, education prospects for their children, and there's less traffic."

As foreign investors cannot purchase established houses except to redevelop them, Mr Hartanto said the conference was more to generate interest in Perth, other Australian locations, and luxury off-the-plan builds.

Chinese buyer investment in overseas commercial real estate could also get a boost, with international property analysts Jones Lang LaSalle predicting investment from the region to exceed US$10b this year.

The prediction comes after outgoing Chinese investment more than doubled in the commercial sector over 2013, from US$3.3b in 2012 to US$7.6b in 2013.

While the UK and the US attracted most of the capital from China, investment in Australia rose from US$209m in 2012 to US$700m in 2013.Please add your content here.

Harcourts to Represent Australian Property at International Luxury Property Showcase

Real Estate Agent and Director of Harcourts Applecross in Western Australia, Eric Hartanto, has been selected to showcase exclusive Australian Property at the Luxury Property Showcase in Shanghai next month.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to promote the amazing properties we have to offer our international investors,” Eric said.

Eric and his team will be showcasing a selection of property from Harcourts’ Luxury Property Selection brand which includes exclusive property from Western Australia, but also Australia wide, New Zealand, the United States of America and South Africa.

Eric said the showcase allows him to build strong business relationships with high end Chinese property investors.

Investors often seek to relocate to Australia due to the high level of education standards, workplace opportunities and relaxed lifestyle.

“These exclusive events provide us with the ideal opportunity to discover what the overseas market is looking for and it enables us to provide that for them,” said Eric.
There will be 36 properties featured from Harcourts Luxury Property selection brand, with a total worth of over $175million combined.

“The properties on offer range from $1 million to over $25million. We have a wonderful mix of property, including large scale developments, luxury mansions, penthouse apartments, coastal property and a range of lifestyle opportunities from golf to equine properties,” Eric said.

Sponsored by Lamborghini, Baccarat and Dassault-Falcon, the international real estate expo will provide a unique opportunity for Shanghai’s elite home buyers to interact with international leading luxury real estate experts in a prestigious setting.

LPS Shanghai 2013 will be held at the iconic JC Mandarin Shanghai, right in the heart of prestigious Nanjing West Road.
“This central high-end location, combined with the participation of world-famous luxury brands, will create a unique and captivating atmosphere, the perfect environment to stage luxury properties,” said Eric.

The Luxury Property Showcase in Shanghai is an invitation only expo, welcoming highly targeted luxury real estate buyers, investors, VIPs and wealthy individuals. Over 5,000 targeted visitors are anticipated to visit this year’s expo.

Eric has been with Harcourts for over 10 years and owns three offices; Harcourts Applecross in Western Australia, Harcourts Pratama Surabaya in Indonesia and Harcourts Pratama Nusa Dua in Bali. Eric has sold over a $210million worth of property and is consistently one of the top three sales consultants for Harcourts in Western Australia, and features in the top 20 list for sales consultants with Harcourts Australia.632855-40e0f75a-51b5-11e3-9770-07dcc52d4773

- See more at: https://news.harcourts.net/news/harcourts-to-represent-australian-property-at-international-luxury-property-showcase/#sthash.jZKI5XoB.dpuf

Quarterly Awards Harcourts WA - Dec'11 Quarter

Eric Hartanto:
No 3 Top Exclusive Lister October 2011
No 1 Sales Consultant November 2011
No 1 Sales Consultant Number of settled sales Nov 2011
No 2 Sales Consultant Number of settled sales Dec 2011
No 2 Sales Consultant December 2011
Platinum Award December 2011 Quarter
No 1 Top 10 Representative December 2011 Quarter

Harcourts Applecross:
No 2 Office Total Gross Revenue per Sales Consultant Dec 2011
Silver Award December 2011


Quarterly Awards

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Harcourts WA Annual Award

Winner's Speech

Eric Hartanto with Mike Green, Managing Director Harcourts International